Dr. Ulises Nieves

You do not have to live with pain.

Algos offers the highest standard of holistic pain management and palliative care.

Providing every patient with:

  • The gentlest treatments.
  • The lowest dosages of medication.
  • Genuine caring.
  • Maximum effectiveness.

  This is Algos.

Specializing In:

Cancer-Related Chronic Pain

Algos uses targeted treatments like infiltration and cell therapy to minimize your cancer-related pain. Pain should not hold you back. Regain strength to begin, continue, or recover from fighting cancer.

Chronic Degenerative Disease Pain

Led by Dr. Ulises Nieves, ours is a human approach to palliative care; emphasizing physical and emotional wellbeing. Your pain, is like no one else’s. You deserve personalized, compassionate care. Persevere beyond your diagnosis.

Pain from Other Chronic Conditions

Using expert, gentle treatments, we help you overcome pain caused by chronic conditions including sciatica and other spinal issues, phantom limb syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, Lyme disease, and herpes. Begin living your best life.

Experience Algos

Grand Hotel Tijuana

Algos is located within the exclusive Grand Care floor of the Grand Hotel Tijuana. Grand Care caters to American and Canadian medical tourism, and is designed with your every comfort in mind. Feel confident and at ease, in an environment of tranquil luxury.

Tijuana Tourism

Just minutes from the San Diego border, Tijuana continues to gain worldwide prominence for even more than its innovative medical facilities. Learn more about Tijuana’s dynamic art scene, emerging restaurant and hospitality industry, and proximity to Baja’s beautiful beaches.

A Patient Testimonial

“Thank you so much for your knowledge, continued studies on cell therapy, and your willingness to work with me. It has only been 20 days, and there is a huge difference already. The kindness and concern expressed is truly from the heart.”

-Christina Neil