Meet the doctor 
Ulises Nieves

“I believe every patient deserves to live a pain free life and compassionate care. To see my patients smile after a treatment as they're liberated from their pain is my greatest inspiration”

Dr. Ulises Nieves, founder of Algos Mx.


I remember my interest in natural science from an early age. In elementary school, I was interested in the functioning of cells and the human body. I remember being upset about the suffering of the helpless. Becoming a physician is a profession that you don't really choose, it's who you are. You only search for the most viable way to develop your skills and realize your vocation. In my case, medicine is the best way to do what I've always wanted: to help people, freeing them from pain.


I graduated from the National Cancer Institute of Mexico City, with academic recognition by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Treatment of Pain and Palliative Care, as well as in Interventional Pain Management. I have practiced this noble work since 2012.


When I was a student, I noticed the lack of methods to control pain and lessen the suffering of the sick and their families. It was nice to see the satisfaction of my teachers to diseases that were resolved with different measures that we used. But when I saw that there were incurable illnesses and that pain was permanent, I felt an obligation to do something. I spent much time studying the matter and I came to the conclusion that holistic treatments allow us to effectively assist the patient. No one should live with pain.

"We saw a light in the middle of darkness."

Family member of a patient with colorectal cancer in the terminal phase.

Bone cancer pain

“Doctor Nieves is different from other doctors. He is very human and professional. He is with you all the time, you can feel safe being in his care."

- Karapet Mirzoyan, patient with Bone Cancer.

Pain from Lumbar Disc Herniation

"Surgery is ruled out for me. Therefore Algos is the most viable option for the lumbar, joint or pain problem, because it gives you a substantial improvement. Algos offered me more holistic options, without being aggressive to my body."

- Daniel Vicente, patient with a herniated disc in the lumbar area.

Colorectal Cancer Pain

"She couldn´t sit down or stand, and the procedure took away the pain completely. Dr. Nieves said he had options to remove the pain, so that her last days would be bearable.”

- Family member of a patient with colorectal cancer in the terminal phase.

Chronic Shoulder Pain

"We have felt very happy with the Algos staff, it has been a good experience, Dr. Nieves has been very specific with the diagnosis and with the explanation of the procedure, we had very good results."

- Dr. Adrián Valverde, grandson of a patient with chronic shoulder pain.